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July 26, 2023

Royal Navy signs ECPINS Collaborative Development Agreement


ECPINS to Meet New WECDIS Standards and Optimize UX


  • RN navigators and OSI's team to implement new ECPINS capabilities
  • Two-stage program, Generation 7 and Generation 8
  • ECPINS Generation 7 addresses NATO STANAG 4564 (Edition 3) compliance requirements
  • ECPINS Generation 8 launches new User Interface (UI) and optimized User Experience (UX)
  • ECPINS is already the only warship navigation software compliant with every one of the NATO WECDIS Edition 2 requirements

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July 26, 2023 - OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) is pleased to announce the ECPINS Generations 7 & 8 Collaborative Development Cooperation between expert Royal Navy (RN) navigators and OSI's product development team.

The agreement is part of two development projects: ECPINS Generation 7, which will address the WECDIS 3 compliance, and ECPINS Generation 8, which will focus on refreshing the user experience.

Already the only warship navigation software compliant with all of the NATO WECDIS Edition 2 requirements, in Generation 7, ECPINS will meet the requirements of NATO STANAG 4564 Edition 3, the gold standard in WECDIS credentials.

Edition 3 capabilities feature new positioning tools, new passage planning tools, new dived nav planning tools, upgraded interoperability, and support for new chart formats such as S-100.

"We are excited to collaborate with the Royal Navy, a longtime customer and active member of the NATO Working Group and a signatory to WECDIS standards," stated Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO. "The underlining benefits of this work bring to ECPINS significant benefits of increased safety, interoperability, and a common set of functions."

Generation 8 development project involves a UX refresh. ECPINS will be optimized to reflect how operators interact with ECPINS, improving the presentation of information and enhancing the user's ability to adapt the interface to various circumstances and tasks. OSI's motivation for this project stems from its monitoring of modern user interaction design, feedback from invested users around the world, and the need for an interface that is adaptable to the huge variety of naval vessels and bridge systems on which ECPINS operates.

Jim Davison, VP, Business Development added, “While the development is extensive, ECPINS' proven and reliable core architecture is ensured while separating out its user-facing elements. The presence of this separate layer will support ongoing UI modernization, interface customizability, language localization, and alternative information presentations. Active engagement with our expert user community will also ensure that ECPINS reflects the way that Naval Navigators and Watchkeepers operate and interact with the system."

This agreement is in addition to OSI's partnering with the Royal Danish Navy to also team in modernizing the user interface.


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